Meet the Team

Chris Galligan

Founder of in 2014

Twitter @DailyRotoSharks and @cgalligan18

 CeeGee has been an avid Season long fantasy player since the days of steno notebooks and weekly calls to the league commissioner to make lineup adjustments. Currently a Top 1% NBA Grinder (according to rankings) and top 3% Overall. He has been grinding Daily Fantasy Sports since 2013. While a cash game player at heart, there have been Several Top 1% Tournament finishes in CFB (rip), MLB, NBA and NFL since 2013.

Ben Joselson

Co Owner of in 2014

Twitter @xBenJamminx

Ben is a senior in college studying Computer Science as well as working full time. In his spare time he likes to research and study anything relating to DFS. He’s been playing DFS for 2 years and won some GPPs early on and has had good success since, being able to pay off all of his student loans and credit card debt. He’s been hooked ever since. Primarily a Cash Game player, Ben has also had great success winning multiple GPPs.

Billie Deakins

MLB, NBA, Soccer (UCL, EPL) Content

Twitter @CubbableHoosier

Billie is currently serving active duty in the US Army and is stationed in Ohio. He is an Indiana native. He has been playing Season Long fantasy for years and in his first year of DFS. He is strictly a GPP player. So far, during the MLB Season, he has won 1K twice and has taken down several mini GPPS. He is an avid Hoosier and Cubs fan.

Sean Hoy

NBA “Locks and Low Owned”
NFL Content

Twitter @SeanHoy27

Sean Hoy is currently an office manager at a daycare in Morgantown WV. He is a Columbus Ohio native who played division II baseball at Davis & Elkins College, and graduated with two Bachelors of Science degrees in marketing and business management. Sean played DFS the first year it came out, and learned over time how to win consistently. Sean’s two best sports are football and basketball, and he will continue to up the ante as he gets older. Sean enjoys sports, food, beer, video games, Pokemon, and doing nothing. Sean does not like excuses, laziness, complaining, warm beer, or rude people. Sean is very friendly and would love to talk to you about anything in life, especially DFS.

Mike Hass

MLB Daily Doctor’s Notes

Twitter @msonichdrhass

Dr. Mike Hass is a lifelong Detroit Tigers fan and a lawyer who lives in Washington DC.  He started playing DFS a couple years ago when he no longer had time for season long leagues, and has been hooked ever since. He plays most DFS sports but he focuses most of his time on MLB, especially pitching.  He started posting his pitching analyses on Twitter @msonichdrhass last season mostly because it helped him organize his thoughts. Eventually, there were enough people reading, and asking for it daily, so he now does it as regularly as possible (around family and career). He’s primarily a GPP player, but also writes advice for cash games, too.

Roman Edmond (Longbottoms)

Twitter @NitchGuy

Roman Edmond (Longbottoms) is an accomplished entrepreneur that has had huge success in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports. Roman specializes in MLB and NFL and is currently ranked in the top 250 overall DFS players on . Included in Roman’s DFS resume is him winning FanDuel’s 2015 World Fantasy Football Champion with the Grand Prize of $3,000,000. writing a book about winning in Fantasy Football and currently serves as a Success Coach to both national and international clients. Please check him out on either or via Twitter under

His book “Winning at Fantasy Football: Tips from a World Champion” can be found by Clicking Here

Jonathan Scharf

NHL Content

Twitter @McKinley_412

Jonathan has always loved finding those interesting sports stats and sharing them with those around him. When he came across DFS back in 2010 he was instantly hooked realizing his vast sports stat knowledge could pay off. After playing a variety of DFS sports, the NHL is where he found his greatest success.  Jonathan focuses most of his time as a cash game player, but does enjoy the occasional GPP.

Scotti B

MLB: The Dong Detector

Twitter @TheBondarBrand

Scott is an active duty Navy Chief, Scott grew up in NE Ohio “where nothing is given and everything is earned”. He’s married with 3 wonderful children. He plans to retire from the Navy in 2018 and start his stay at home dad job.

Louis Cangiano

Twitter @JaguarDFS

2016 WFBC DraftKings 6th place / 2017 WFBBC Fanduel 34th place

Avid DFS player since his freshman year of college where he attended the University of Rhode Island. Louis’ major wins include 6th place at the Draft Kings 2016 WFBBC Championship for $100,000 and 34th place finisher in the 2017 Fanduel WFBC Championship (Both tournaments having just one entry!) Louis currently full-time as a professional daily fantasy player residing in New York City, Specializing in MLB GPP plays.different GPPs on DK and FD last year.

Matt Schreiber

MLB Contributor

Twitter @MattJSchreiber

Matt started his DFS journey back in 2013 on FanDuel and on DraftStreet. A few big wins helped him to start taking his game seriously back in 2015. Since then, he has found a solid balance of cash game and GPP play. His biggest win to date was a first place finish in a 94,000 person NFL GPP. He specializes mainly in NFL, NBA, MLB, and PGA.

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