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Here at Daily Roto Sharks, we do our best to help DFS players become better at making their OWN lineups. We sell Cheat Sheets for MLB that have allowed players who have been struggling, or purchasing other people’s lineups, to become successful in their own right.

This page is dedicated to those who have used our sheets and reached out to us about their success. We’ve had players winning $1,000s who have never even played MLB DFS before. It’s quite a sight to see and makes us very proud.

Please contact us at @xBenJamminx or @DailyRotoSharks if you have any questions or want to post your winnings.

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?The month of July 2016 truly ended with a BANG. Our Member @BrotherCherry took down multiple DraftKings GPPs in a MASSIVE way.?

?Using our sheets, he won a total of $179,800 in a single night!?



??We have plenty of examples, but ones we are most proud of are situations like this from @Chris_R1985 from Twitter. He reached out to me through DM and told me he was recently struggling to win in MLB DFS. A few days later, he had a massive hit!!??


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